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      1. Message from the CEO

        Dear Shareholders, Distinguished Ladies, and Gentlemen,
        Dear Valued Shareholders,
        It is my great pleasure & privilege to be a part of this prestigious Company and for being able to convey this message to you and I am also very much delighted to present you all the Annual Report 2017 of Agrani Insurance Company Limited.
        Our relentless focus on emerging opportunities has enabled the company to step forward with a positive growth in a challenging environment. In this year our net profit was Tk 65.54 million despite all adversities in the business sector. Throughout the year, Agrani Insurance has been able to maintain its substantial progress. We always try to provide the best quality services to our customers. Right now we are one of the leading private sector Non-Life Insurance companies in Bangladesh having 32 branches situated in a commercially important places over the country.
        With global economy shaking off the rut and picking up its growth momentum as it reached an estimated GDP growth of 3.6% in 2017, Bangladesh economy attained a much talked about the growth of 7.28% in the fiscal year 2016-2017. This sense of accomplishment is also reflected in the controlled inflation rate of 5.70% as reported in December 2017, in spite of the rising food inflation on account of floods during the latter half of the year. Meanwhile, the growth rate of import surpassed the growth rate of export, which resulted in the deficit of the current account balance to escalate during the fiscal year 2016-2017, standing at a negative USD 1,480 million. Furthermore, remittance in USD saw a negative growth of 2.2% year-on-year basis. As the US Dollar strengthened against Bangladeshi Taka, the Central Bank took measures to avoid large volatilities in the foreign exchange market. On a hopeful note, the import coverage of foreign exchange reserve standing at USD 33.2 billion as of December 2017, is considered to be adequate, according to Monetary Policy. As such, it may be concluded that the economy appears to be in control and the future prospect impart a positive note.
        I express my heartfelt gratitude towards our business partners, clients, the regulatory authority (IDRA), also other regulatory bodies and every one of the Agrani family. Finally, my special thanks goes to our Hon’ble Chairman & Members of the Board for their valuable input, guidance and contribution, and the management team for their commitment to expediting as well as implementing our strategy and building the Company in this tough time.
        Md.?Azharul Islam
        Chief Executive Officer (CC)
        Agrani Insurance Company Ltd.
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