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      1. Fire Insurance

        Your property is a big investment. Protection of this investment should not be a major challenge and concern. At the Agrani Insurance Company we offer you a smart and very appropriate way to protect your investment caused by fire.

        Basic cover:

        • Fire
        • Lightning
        • Explosion(domestic)

        Damage during or immediately following

        • Fire caused by – smoke, scorching.
        • Falling walls, water used for extinguishing.
        • Theft by persons lawfully on the premises.
        • Fire, blowing up building for preventing
        • Spread of fire.
        • This coverage can be extended to include other perils by the additional premium.
        • Riot, Strike.
        • Terrorism.
        • Storm, Flood.
        • Landslide.
        • Bursting or overflowing of tanks.

        Exclude Cover Due To:

        • Explosion except boiler used for domestic purpose.
        • Spontaneous combustion.
        • Earthquake fire.
        • Subterranean fire.
        • Own fermentation or heating.
        • Flood & Cyclone.
        • Riot, Civil Commotion, War, Invasion, Act of Foreign Enemy, Civil War, Rebellion, Revolution, Insurrection etc.
        • Radioactive Contamination.
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